We celebrate one of our artists, Peter Alting, with a detail as our website header of his mural on the Old Court House building in Lilydale, and through an annual Scholarship in Peter's memory.  

Lilydale Arts creates, enables, celebrates, enhances and supports artistic activities in the Lilydale region. The range of activities is vast covering the visual arts, performing arts and dance.

Lilydale Arts meets monthly and regularly organises and hosts a range of events, some using local talent (of which there is much in this beautiful area) and some involving artists and performers from other parts of Tasmania or interstate. The madcap Lilydale Players are core parts of Lilydale Arts. We support arts activities through other Lilydale organisations and look forward to even more collaboration in the future.

Lilydale Arts is always keen to have more members involved. Please contact us to find out what is happening by emailing us at lilydalearts@gmail.com

 To Intensify      from a 2011 Exhibition by Karoola artist and Lilydale Arts member,  Jenamara

Lilydale Arts honours past members

Leila Robertson
Leila founded the Lilydale Arts Council (as Regional Arts was then known) and served as President for many years. Leila and her husband Clive were the Postmaster/Postmistress at Lilydale. They had come from regional Victoria to Tasmania and Leila was involved in the Arts Council on the mainland. She quickly saw the opportunity to establish a branch in Lilydale of the Tasmanian Arts Council and set about in her own inimitable style to gather together a band of ‘volunteers’.

Small in stature, popping up from behind the counter at the Post Office, Leila would ensnare you with her happy demeanor, always on the go, always with a ‘scheme’ or two. But first, she needed a committee! Of course, that didn’t take long, because Leila had already done her homework. “Like to join the Arts Council?” “What are your interests?” “I heard you can type, we need a Secretary!” And so on, until many were drawn into the circle of what became the Lilydale Arts Council. A great band of friends, not an ‘elitist’ bone in any body, getting behind a lovely lady who just wanted to bring some of the goods things in life to her community.

Next time you are at the Old Court Room, take a moment to walk the “pavers”. This was a particularly favourite event for Leila, bringing the whole community together for a major happening. The mural on the Old Court House wall was another achievement shared with Peter Alting, again, take a moment to have another look at the mural. Leila went on to become a valued Board member of the Tasmanian Arts Council (Lilydale has had 3 of their members on the Board, quite an achievement for a small branch) and eventually was made a Life Member for her service to the Arts in Tasmania.

Carol Charlton

Carol is another person whose energy and passion made a significant difference to the success of the Lilydale Arts Council and its link with Tasmanian Regional Arts.

Carol served the arts not only in Lilydale, but also across Tasmania through her work with Tasmanian Regional Arts. She became a Life Member of Tasmanian Regional Arts in honour of her work.

A portrait of Carol is on the Lilydale Arts mural painted pole, opposite the post office. Artist Leanne Hodgetts was working on Carol's portrait at the time when Carol was very ill. Carol's family brought her to see the portrait and not long afterwards, Carol passed away. The portrait became a shrine to this amazing lady, who is much missed.




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