Peter's influence is all around northern Tasmania. He was an artist of distinction and generosity, passionately determined that art as an integral part of daily life was of vital importance to everyone. He was the epitome of inclusiveness and lived every day like it was his last.


The process of creating a mural of this size and complexity involved a huge number of legal, administrative, chemical, transport and engineering steps.

  • apply for a Council permit
  • design the mural
  • lay out the clay
  • set out the mural design
  • work on clay tiles - undertaken by volunteers, usually 6 at a time
  • cut clay tiles
  • separate and clean tiles
  • index tiles on grid
  • dry the mural pieces (3-4 weeks)
  • transport the mural pieces to Underwood Pottery kiln for firing
  • first firing (bisque) to about 1000 degrees C over 3 weeks
  • rub oxides onto fired tiles
  • apply glaze and colouring agents
  • second firing (gloss) to 1285 degrees C over many weeks
  • drill 350 holes into the wall of the Old Courthouse
  • Glue in the 350 steel pins
  • Mount mural tiles on the wall
  • unveil and celebrate!

Above: Layers of Discovery - the mural at Beaconsfield.  

Peter enjoying a quiet drink























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