The blacksmith's forge was on the corner of the Main Street and Doak's Road.


This pole also shows a bicycle repair shop, an old baker's oven and Mr Proctor at his forge.

Mr Proctor and his family played a large role in Lilydale's early years He was the first Warden of Lilydale.


The smithie's shop was an important part of Lilydale's heritage. Much of the old things used in this shop have eben retained and are displayed in Bardenhagen Hardware's shop at the corner of the Main and Doak's Road.


Left: Artist Leanne Hodgetts taking a break from painting the Blacksmith's Pole.




Below: more detail of the image Leanne is working on: 











Left: A beautiful horse, waiting to get new shows

 Below: An apprentice, just starting out on his life as a blacksmith


Below: Lilydale Mural Painted Poles coordinator at the Blacksmith's Pole in the Hardware Store grounds.  




































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