On the southern corner of Lilydale's Main Street and Doak's Road is the pole that reflects Lilydale's timber heritage. 

This pole celebrates Lilydale's strong timber heritage. Lilydale developed because of wood. In 1854, William Grubb and William Tyson established a sawmill on the Piper's River (just upstream of where Underwood is now). They were hampered by the lack of able-bodied men in Tasmania because all those who could, had headed over to the goldfields in Victoria. So Grubb and Tyson solved the problem by a clever use of technology and bringing in experts in their field.

This pole shows beautiful images of Lilydale as an early timber town. There is a powerful bullock team coming down from Mount Arthur, and images of bushmen using the old methods of cutting trees. In the days when there was no diesel, the only way to cut a tree was by an axe, muscles and much patience and physical endurance.  


The banner above is from a watercolour by convict artist, Frederick Strange, who was commissioned by Grubb & Tyson to paint their innovative sawmill, water-race and horse-drawn tramway that they had built in only a few years.


Tyson's saw mills


Strange, Frederick, 1807-1874


[ca. 1858]


1 painting : watercolour on paper ; 19 x 28 cm






Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts


Attributed to Frederick Strange
Unsigned and undated
Title inscribed in pencil below image
Henry Allport notes 'this mill was erected on Piper River near Launceston by Tyson and Grubb. The actual mill does not show in this picture. It was worked by a water wheel the water being supplied by the race. It was one of the first power mills erected in Tasmania and when the timber was cut out it closed down in 1869'
This sketch may possibly be by T.E. Chapman but more probably by Frederick Strange who made another watercolour sketch of this mill which belonged in 1929 to H.T. Russell of Launceston
Exact measurements 186 x 273 mm
Condition on accession: Dirt. Spots in sky area. Stains/marks on acidic backing


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