Lilydale Arts started life as the Arts Council, then the Lilydale Branch of Tasmanian Regional Arts and now its just plain Lilydale Arts. The name doesn't matter - its the energy and joy of the people involved in the visual & performing arts in Lilydale that make the difference. Pole No: 291.

Carol Charlton was an outstanding leader of the arts in Lilydale.

The Lilydale Arts pole is opposite the Post Office and depicts artists and different sorts of visual arts skills being quietly practiced here in this region, including quilting, bronze-casting, woodcarving, ceramics, jewellry-making and of course painting.

There are many artists celebrated on this pole.

Carol Charlton was a life-member of Tasmanian Regional Arts, a long-time President of Lilydale Arts and very devoted to bringing artistic activity to the region.

George Richardson used to live in Golconda. A well-loved artist and teacher, he had a significant impact on art development in Tasmania.

Peter Alting, pictured in front of his signature mural, a small part of which is the banner for Lilydale Arts's website and Facebook Page, was another extraordinary artist. He was a ceramic artist, designer and maker of ceramic murals and he revelled in creating community art. His works can be seen in Beaconsfield, Scottsdale and in the Launceston General Hospital's intensive care unit.

Lilydale Arts has an annual award in Peter's honour for students involved in the visual and performing arts at Lilydale District School.

Above: Peter Alting, artist, and the driver for many community art activities. This image shows him working on the mural on the Old Library wall.


Below: George Richardson, Golconda artist pictured with his wife Penny



Below: a dedicated wood carver and a man who has devoted much of his life to the arts.  




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