The Post Office pole (No 291A) is a triumph of transforming an ulgy Aurora support frame into a witty structure and image.


The Post Office Pole shows the old-fashioned postman delivering letters to a serious little boy with his gorgeous little dog.  The vibrant English Post-Office Red post box cleverly disguises one of the less beautiful aspects of the power poles.

As well the Lilydale Lions Club, busy doing one of their wonderful community barbeques has a cheeky lion stealing sausages, a bush-ranger is looming while the Lilydale Fire Brigade, ably assisted by a fine tiger, hose out a fire.

In fact, the tiger is a reference to Tiger, a Lilydale man who was well-known and loved for his tireless voluntary work for the communuty.


Above: The pole in context

Below: Volunteer Brenda Bryce at work 















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