Oppostite the entrance to Lilydale District School is a fabulous pole created by students ably assisted by Kim Schneider & Paula Crook.

The Lilydale District School has long been a supporter of the Lilydale Mural Painted Poles. It was a joy to have students directly involved in the painting of the School pole. Pictured below are the students at work, along with Kim Schneider and Paula Crook.

Paula was one of the artists in the original pole project and it is wonderful to have the continuity of her style in the art presented on the poles.

Also pictured are close-ups of the wonderful images created by the students.


Lilydale Arts thanks Kim and Paula and the students of Lilydale District School for their inspirational work.


Sage Price

Sabrina Paul

Olivia Hughes


Kyle Moss

Jayden Towns

Chelsea Wild


Amy Duffy

Connor Waddle

Sam Lockett 

Below: Paula and Kim in contemplation 




































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