The Targa pole celebrates the very popular annual event which makes its way down the Lalla Road and into Lilydale.

 The portraits below and right are of father and son Targa enthusiasts and participants, Kerri and Travis Dean.

 On this pole there are images of the Lalla apple shed - very famous in its time for the high quality of its apples at one stage, exported all over the world. Particularly famous was the"Lalla red delicious" apple.

The Lalla apple shed became a a highly successful market, run by Tony and Sue Walker. The adjacent paddocks would be overflowing with cars - it was very popular. The applce shed is now an artist's studio and is always full of the beautiful work of Shelly MacLeod, a finalist in the 2006 Glover Prize.

The pole also shows imagest of the Kulmaren Nursery on Lalla Road, the beautiful Pear Walk and the Rhododendron Reserve set up by the Walker family and known in the early years as  Walker's Rhododendron Reserve. The Walker family had a florist shop in Launceston and they grew their own flowers for the shop and they developed the rhododenron garden into a huge and very beautiful display.















































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