Wineries are a very important part of Lilydale's history with the heritage Providence Vineyard leading the way.                  Pole no: 189

This pole celebrates the high quality wine, berries and fruits that love Lilydale's beautiful  climate.

The wineries nestling on the northern slopes of the Lilydale region create glorious wines thanks to the soil, rainfall, climate and the expertise of the growers.

Above: Artist at work on the vines! 

Providence Vineyard at Lalla has a very long history - it is the oldest winery in Tasmania. Its well-known grape quality is the result of Mr Jean Miguet smuggling a Chardonnay vine out of France and into Tasmania.

This somewhat illegal, but most warmly enjoyed Chardonnay vine, is the oldest in Australia. It is still fruiting today and gives depth to the Providence wine flavours.

The famous lavender farm was established in North Lilydale in 1922 by the Denny family, descendents of whom still live in the Lilydale region.

The history of this lavender farmis fascinating and there are excellent displays at their current location in Nabowla.







Left: Artists around the winery pole 

There are many wonderful B&Bs in the Lilydale region - the beauty of this areaand the friendliness of the people attract repeat visitors. There some extraordinary food enterprises in this region - the Yondover Goat Farm produces the most magnificent cheese, the Blueberry Farm attracts people like bees to a honeypot every January. Meanwhile all of Launceston like to visit their Lilydale friends in summer to enjoy fresh strawberries and raspberries.
















































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