The mission was to design and paint new works of art on the poles with themes reflecting the interests, passions, history, heritage and environment that makes this area so lovely to live in and so fabulous to visit.The work is done, thanks to the dedication of the Coordinator, Bernadine Alting, and the creative team: lead artists Leanne Hodgetts, Jenny Scott, Teresa Whyman and Maggie Warren-Roberts along with many wonderful volunteers.

Who & what does each pole represent?

This marvellous adventure is happening because of the community sponsoring individual poles as well as two grants, one from the Tasmanian Community Fund and the other from the Launceston City Council's Community Grants Fund.

We sincerely thank all those involved, including all pole sponsors from the Lilydale community, the staff from both funding organisations, the late Carol Charlton and Alderman Annette Waddle for their invaluable advice and support.  


Poles Project Team

From left, artists Leanne Hodgetts, Teresa Whyman, Jenny Scott, Maggie Warren-Roberts, Poles Project Coordinator Bernadine Alting, & organiser Brenda Bryce (seated)

 Lilydale's Painted Poles - the background

In 1998 the Lilydale community banded together to paint fifteen hydro-electricity poles. This project brought together so many different people, and the paintings on the poles show shared heritage, the beauty of the Lilydale landscape, trees and birds, loved local identities, school life and the strong local arts community. The people closely involved back then were Carol Charlton, Bernadine Alting, Gillian Robnik, Paula Crook and Leanne Hodgetts along with the members of the then Lilydale Arts Council. Bernadine and Leanne are involved in the 2012 project along with artists Maggie & Dixie Roberts-Thompson and Teresa Whyman as well as brave volunteers including Jenny, Irma and Freya.

Lilydale’s painted poles have become a Tasmanian landmark and have featured in photographic books about Tasmania's beauty. The thing that really reinforces how much these poles mean to the Lilydale community is the respect with which they are held. There have been no acts of vandalism as it was a community activity involving people of all ages and stages.













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