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Jenny was and still is a well-known artist in England and the New Forest community still claim her for their own. Overseas artists who have studied under Jenny list her as one of their important teachers.  

However Lilydale region feel they have a stronger claim as she and Ian have resided and worked in Lilydale for quite some time now and have profoundly influenced many aspects of life in the region and elsewhere in Tasmania.

Jenny continues to teach, paint, sculpt and quietly energises artistic activity in the Lilydale region. She runs the annual Lantern-making workshops held on the Village Green in preparation for the Winter Solstice Lantern Walk.

Born in England, Jenny studied at the Froebel Institute, specialising in art and sculpture. She taught at Oxford's Dragon School and other schools across Britain. She experimented in her artistic work and developed a strong interest in wood carving and pastels. Jenny moved to Malayasia for five years and while there studied under Chung Chen Sun, a Master of Chinese Brush Painting.

Jenny continued her love of Chinese painting and when she returned to England, she began teaching the specialised techniques and exhibiting.

Interest in Chinese painting rapidly increased. Jenny and her husband Ian arranged and coordinated extended study tours for artists in different parts of China and Malaysia, including two to three week courses in the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and the Malaysian Institute of Art.

                             Above: a keen observer at the Lantern Workshop.

Jenny shows her skill in Gong Bi, the Meticulous style of Chinese painting. Gong Bi uses sized paper or silk which allows very detailed brushwork as the ink or pigment doesn't run. The sized surface also allow washes to be applied.

Above: Jenny's first hooked rug.

Above:Illuminated lantern.
Photo taken by Tim Walker of ABC Northern Tasmania.  











































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